Where it all began.

Julie Zook

I began as a fifth grade teacher after graduating from Penn State in 1980. A part time summer job in retail while attending graduate school led to an interview with Apparel Affiliates Inc. and a job with their company. During my summer breaks from college I was a server at the Brickerville House Restaurant. The owners also owned Country Clothes and called me when they heard I had switched careers.

I started as manager at Country Clothes in 1984 for Bill and Peg Lawton. In 1992 I resigned to be home with my newborn daughter Kaitlyn. By 1999 Kaity was in school, I was ready to return to work, and the Lawtons were ready to sell the business. So on July 1, 1999, I purchased Country Clothes and began this amazing adventure.

Kaity is now in college and my husband and I reside just outside of Manheim, Pennsylvania.

- Julie Zook, Owner